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90 Day Programs

Each 90-Day program covers how to construct your own fat burning or muscle building diet, how to optimize how many calories you burn while doing cardio, a section on supplementation, a section on how to get your mindset right, an exact training regimen to follow with video / visuals to help you perfect your form, and more for your body type.

Vince has designed The Fat Loss Extreme program so that you cycle through 2 different full body workouts throughout the week, which doubles the amount of time it will take for your muscles to adapt to the exercises, which is usually 6 weeks. This is our only program that is laid out like this because this is an optimal way to workout for fat loss. This program has gym workouts and at home training.

If you want to focus more on building muscle while stripping your excess fat, check out our Ripped In 90 Days program. It has a training program that targets certain muscle groups on certain days and is changed halfway through the program.

The Clean Bulk program is NOT for guys looking to tone up or slim down. This program is specifically for guys who want to add 10-20+ lbs of muscle & lean size. If you're a hard gainer this program is for you.

The Toned In 90 Days program is specifically made for women. A common concern we hear from women is, “I don’t want to get big or bulky.” Let us assure you that you won’t! Now, this doesn't mean will not gain any muscle, you will, but you will not gain muscle and become "bulky". Instead, you will become toned.

The 90 day program is a one stop shop when it comes to fitness for women of all ages. Not only does it have workouts for the gym, but we also added at home workouts! These are easily accessible and come with a written description and video/ image how to for every exercise for the 90 days. 


Custom Plans

The Custom plans are tailored to fit your specific fitness goals. The plans are created by Vince and your assigned trainer using the details you provide us through filling out a detailed questionnaire after purchase. You will have a trainer every step of the way to keep you motivated and guide you step by step. We will literally tell you what to eat and when and exactly what workouts, sets, and reps we want you to do each day. You can blindly follow it and stop stressing. Custom plan clients will have a minimum of 1 weekly checkin from Vince & their assigned trainer to make adjustments to the diet or training if needed so you don't hit plateaus.Custom plans are available in 8 week or 12 week plans.


It all just depends on where you’re starting and your goals. To check out client testimonials, purchase one of our products, see pricing details, or get more information Click here to view a full list of programs and plans. 


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