Are the Program A One-Time Payment?

Ripped in 90 Days, Toned in 90 Days, Fat Loss Extreme , The Clean Bulk, Big Arms Program, Six-Pack Shred, The Booty Builder, The Recipe Guide, Monthly Contest admissions, and custom plans for their designated duration are all one time purchases and you will have access to them indefinitely. 


V Shred University is our VIP membership program.  Each month automatically updates with a new diet and training plan built for your body type. As your body changes you can easily update the questionnaire with your new body stats to change the diet and training to better fit your body type. You also get full access to the private V Shred community where you can ask Vince questions he answers weekly in the "Couch Talk" section! You will receive access to the VSU private Facebook group where you can meet like minded people on similar fitness journeys and help keep you motivated, recipes, video tutorials, tips & tricks to perfect your form and more!

V Shred University membership is automatically billed each month, so you won’t have to remember to sign up each month.

You can 100% cancel at anytime and since VSU is month to month you don't have to sign up for a long duration. If you choose to unsubscribe from VSU  Just follow the simply steps Here to cancel.



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